Creative Writing

Creative writing is all about imagination. It’s about developing a flow for words and letting these words spark from your heart. Students are taught to express thoughts, feelings, and emotions effectively rather than to simply convey. Lessons cover various forms and genres (books, dramas and plays, poetry, essays, film-writing, stories in general, etc.). Students learn how to plan, write, edit, revise, and publish a story.

Essay Writing

The course is designed to help students improve an indispensable writing skill: whether they are writing up a lab report, an essay, the personal-statement-portion of a school application, or, simply a private journal entry. The students will learn how to get through the planning stage of any project with minimal procrastination and self-doubt and how to shape out sentences and paragraphs for both beauty and strength.

In both courses, students will learn how to edit, in particular, how to respectfully and effectively edit the works of their peers and receive edits from their peers.