Our English Foundation program ​focuses on the core language skills students need to a solid English foundation. The courses are designed to improve students’ reading comprehension and writing ability through integrated grammar and vocabulary study.

Fall 2020 Online Courses:

Achieve3000 Non Fiction Reading and Writing    

Students can build their literacy skills and content area knowledge with extensive content aligned to science and social studies topics. Teachers lead small group of students in discussion around science and social studies topics while accelerating their vocabulary and reading comprehension ability to catch up or go beyond grade level.

Classical Roots

Understanding Greek and Latin roots is the foundation of understanding, recognizing, and grappling with vocabulary words! The class will explore common roots, practice the roots via engaging learning platforms, and then incorporate these newly learned words into writing. This class will give students an incredible leaning edge that they need to succeed in English study and on all standardized tests.

Phonics and Spelling