Here, at LeapUp, we start with reading and writing skills at a very young age. In grades k-3 the focus is on facilitating a love of reading and helping young readers identify the important parts of the text. In grades 4-8 our readers move on to Book Groups, and get introduced to the Socratic Method and Harkness Table. Reading skills are scaffolded to ultimately support our high school students in rigorous literary analysis. By 10th grade, our students are embarking on the highest levels of literary analysis and acquire literary theory and AP English skills in 11th and 12th. 

Book Groups

Book groups help students read thoughtfully, self-monitor their understanding and reread to clarify. Through book group roles, they make a meaningful connection and they also develop the skills necessary for research and context building that they will use in their essay and analytical paragraph.  Not only are Book Groups fun, they also prepare students to participate in Harkness Table Discussions and Socratic Seminars in High School and often inspire lifelong reading!

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Writing Program

In addition, we teach fundamental writing skills that allow our students to create sophisticated and clear sentence structures, analytical paragraphs and very impressive essays. Our students also become extremely strong writers.

Want to boost and sharpen your writing skills in the summer? Check out the Creative Writing and Essay Writing classes.