Books used at our after school Mandarin Chinese program in Upper East Side, NY

Mandarin Chinese Program

We offer three different curricula: Ma Liping (MLP) Chinese, MeiZhou Chinese (MZ) and LeapUp Mandarin (LM) to students with different family backgrounds and expectations. Our Mandarin teachers are native speakers with NY teacher’s certificates in related fields and have extensive teaching experiences...

spring class


We offer Creative Writing and Essay Writing for kids. Creative Writing is all about the imagination. It's about developing a flow for words and ...


Public Speaking

This class will encourage students not only to perfect their pronunciation...



The objective of this class is to empower students to work in an active environment where opinions are shared...



Turing game: Game AI programming

The only class for game AI in the US.

G&T Vera

Tutoring and Test Preparation

Whether you are preparing for an upcoming standard test, need help with school work or want to accelerate in a subject,  our experienced tutors will get you ready. We will arrange lessons that are convenient for your schedule. Please contact us with your specific need...



We offer summer camps in 2020...