Essay Writing Spring Break Camp


April 22 - 26 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

What is the difference between someone who is smart and someone who can translate smarts into success?

The ability to communicate.


What to expect in this course:

-First, we are going to learn how to get through the planning-stages of any project with minimal procrastination and self-doubt. We are going to learn the deceptively simple exercises that allow us to tap into that primal creativity which fuels even the most mundane projects.

-Second, we are going to learn how to shape our sentences and paragraphs for both beauty and strength.

-Third, we are going to learn the fine arts of editing and, perhaps more importantly, of peer-editing.

-Fourth, and perhaps most importantly, we will add a piece of finished work to students’ portfolios. We will give them the confidence of surviving such long haul. We have presented versions of this class a few times now, and each time the students have been proud of their accomplishment.


The students can choose from the following genres:

-a personal statement of the kind required on a high school or college application.

-an expository essay about an interesting event or person.

-a short memoir or autobiography.


The fire of self-expression is what separates the interesting from the uninteresting, but the rigors of the organization; the grammar of phrase, sentence, and paragraph, is what enables good ideas to take command respect and attention as good writing.

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Study group with young people sitting in a round table