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We offer three different curricula: Ma Liping (MLP) Chinese, MeiZhou Chinese (MZ) and LeapUp Mandarin (LM) to students with different family backgrounds and expectations. Our Mandarin teachers are native speakers with NY teacher’s certificates in related fields and have extensive teaching experiences.

1. MLP Chinese is best for students who already understand and speak Chinese at home as a heritage language, not a second language.  It teaches students to recognize Chinese characters before learning Pinyin. Students are expected to know 1,500 of the most frequent words used in general Chinese books by 4th grade. By the end of 10th grade, students are exposed to 2,794 characters.  The course requires a homework load of 4 sessions each week, with 30-40 minutes per session. To learn more about MLP Chinese, please check this website:

2. Mei Zhou Chinese is a curriculum based on the American Foreign Language Education and Teaching Standard (5Cs) and the American Foreign Language Evaluation Standard. The teaching materials are based on the knowledge level, life experiences, and culture of school-aged students. The course requires a homework load of 3-4 sessions a week, with 20-30 minutes per session. To learn more about MZ Chinese, please check this website:

3. LeapUp Mandarin is designed for students who have no Mandarin speaking environment at home. With a theme-based curriculum and an interactive, immersive approach, students will develop language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing related to real life. Chinese phonics system (pinyin and tones), the formation of characters, basic grammar and sentence structures will be introduced in this class. Key aspects of both traditional and contemporary Chinese culture will be weaved in this course as well.

Level I is for students of 5-7 years old, and have no or little previous Chinese learning experience.

If you need help to determine which course is suitable for your child, please call us and speak to our academic director at 646-870-0560.

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MLP(Ma LiPing Chinese) or MZ(Mei Zhou Chinese)