Mandarin Chinese Program



At LeapUp we offer Mandarin classes for students from absolute beginners to intermediate to more advanced students. Our classes are taught by native Mandarin teachers who have extensive teaching experiences and certifications. Depending on the student, we offer 3 different trajectories:

-LeapUp Mandarin (LM) is designed for students with little or no previous Chinese language experience. The classroom will use immersive and interactive approaches to teach the theme-based curriculum. Students will learn the Chinese phonics system (pinyin and tones), character formation, grammar, and sentence structure. Both traditional and contemporary Chinese culture will be weaved into the curriculum.

-Mei Zhou Chinese (MZ) Chinese is a more progressive approach to Chinese based on American standards.

Students will learn to speak, read and write about everyday subjects that they encounter in real life. The content learned in the classroom will be reinforced through homework 3-4 times a week at 20-30 minutes per session. To learn more about MZ, please check out the website:

-Ma LiPing Chinese (MLP) is best for students who speak Mandarin at home. Students will learn 1,500 characters at the 4th-grade level and by the 10th-grade level, students will recognize 2,794 characters. The content learned in the classroom is reinforced at home with homework 4 times a week at 30-40 minutes each session. To learn more about MLP, please check out the website:

If you need help in determining which trajectory is most appropriate for your child, please contact our academic director at 646-870-0560.

Mandarin Class Schedule

MLP(Ma LiPing Chinese) or MZ(Mei Zhou Chinese)