Math Exploration

spring class

The course caters towards young math learners who are interested in exploring various mathematical subjects and taking their problem-solving skills to the next level. The goal of the course is to cultivate the students’ interest in learning math and challenge their skills to explore outside their comfort zone. The course adopts and combines materials from well-respected curricula like Singapore math, Hua LuoGeng (华罗庚)Math, Math Kangaroo, Math Olympiad, and etc. Each lesson starts with a basic introduction into different mathematical concepts and reinforces with fun and challenging exercises. Various types of math competition exercises will be introduced gradually throughout the course. Through these exercises, students will not only solidify their understanding of math concepts but more importantly, gain the confidence to solve different mathematical problems.

Schedule: Wednesday 3:45 - 4:45 Start on September 25, 2019
Age: Grade 1, 2

Tuition: $450 for 10x1hour lessons