1. 2020 Summer Online Immersion Classes
At leapUp, we believe summer learning should be fun, engaging, and stimulate students’ interests, understanding, and appreciation of Chinese language and culture. Our theme for 2020 is “The Lunisolar calendar (二十四节气), an ancient calendar traditionally used by the Chinese to track farming seasons and celebrate cultural festivals.
There are 5 two-week sessions. Each session focuses on different months of the year. Students will be introduced to this astronomical phenomenon in a creative and engaging way. They will discover the relationship between humans and nature while learning Chinese language, geography, history, culture, and traditions through hands-on activities, art projects, science experiments, and more.
Students are divided into 3 age groups:
PreK and K (up to 6 students per class) – 1.5 hours every day Monday to Friday
Grade 1st-3rd (up to 8 students per class) – 2 hours every day Monday to Friday
Grade 4th-6th Graders (up to 8 students per class) – 2 hours every day Monday to Friday
Students of all language proficiency levels are welcome!
*Grades are for the fall of 2020.

2. School Year Program – Chinese as the Second Language (CSL)
This curriculum is designed for students with little or no Chinese language environment at home. The classroom will use immersive and interactive approaches to teach the theme-based curriculum. Beginning level students will learn the Chinese phonics system (pinyin and tones), character formation, grammar, and sentence structure. More advanced students will learn to speak, read, and write about everyday subjects that they encounter in real life.

3. School Year Program – Chinese as the Heritage Language (CHL)
This curriculum is best for students who already understand and speak Chinese at home and have the language environment at home. Students will learn common characters used in the Chinese language (for reading books, newspapers, etc. ). Using MaLiping Chinese as the primary textbook, students are expected to know 1,500 characters by 4th grade, and by the end of 10th-grade, students are exposed to nearly 3,000 characters. The content learned in the classroom is reinforced at home with 30 to 40 minutes of homework per day, four days a week.

Session 1: 6/15-6/26
The Beginning of Spring立春, Rain Water 雨水, The Waking of Insects 惊蛰, The Spring Equinox 春分,Pure Brightness 清明.
Session 2: 6/29-7/10
Grain Rain 谷雨, The Beginning of Summer 立夏, Lesser Fullness of Grain 小满,Grain in Bears 芒种, The Beginning of Summer 夏至。
Session 3: 7/13-7/24
Lesser Heat 小暑, Greater Heat 大暑,The Beginning of Autumn 立秋, The End of Heat 处暑, White Dew 白露
Session 4: 7/27-8/07
The Autumn Equinox 秋分, Cold Dew 寒露, Frost’s Descent 霜降,The Beginning of Winter 立冬 ,Lesser Snow, 小雪。
Session 5: 8/10-8/21
Greater Snow 大雪,The Winter Solstice 冬至,Lesser Cold 小寒, Greater Cold 大寒

* Take $50 off from each session if you register for 2 or more sessions.
* Time listed is Eastern Time

Chinese as the Second Language (CSL)
Fall 2020 schedule coming out soon
Chinese as the Heritage Language (CHL)
Fall 2020 schedule coming out soon
Please email ​ info@leapuplearning.com ​ if you need help in determining which trajectory is more appropriate for your child.