At LeapUp, we believe language learning should be fun and engaging. The program is designed to stimulate students’ interests and appreciation of the Chinese language and culture.

The program is led by Ms. Ying Song, who holds a Masters’s degree in Bilingual Education from New York University and has over twenty years of curriculum designing and teacher training experiences. Our teachers are native Mandarin speakers who have extensive teaching experiences and hold teaching certifications. We offer Mandarin Chinese classes to students from absolute beginners to intermediate to advanced learners.

We have an Afterschool Program during the school year as well as a Mandarin Immersion Summer Camp.

Please email ​ info@leapuplearning.com ​ or call 646-8700560 if you need help choosing the appropriate class.


LeapUp Learning Mandarin Immersion Summer Camp is back in-person this summer!

Use code SUMMER2021 to get $100 off.  Code expires on April 30, 2021. 

The weekly camp will run from June 28 through August 20, 2021. 

We will follow CDC and local authority guidelines to provide a safe environment for both teachers and students. Safety measures include:

  • Small group size

  • Masks mandate

  • Daily health screening and temperature check

  • Extra outdoor time on our private terrace and in the nearby playground

  • Enhance indoor ventilation and cleaning

  • Enforce frequent hand washing and sanitizing

Contact us to receive 5% sibling discount.

This summer, LeapUp campers will “visit” different parts of China in the length of “Twenty-Four Solar Terms” 二十四节气 . The Lunisolar calendar (二十四节气), also called The “Twenty-Four Solar Terms” is an ancient calendar that not only tracks the sun but also the moon and its phases. It is traditionally used by the Chinese to track farming seasons and celebrate cultural festivals. Students will be introduced to this astronomical phenomenon in a creative and engaging way. Students will learn different solar terms while “visiting” different parts of China each week. They will discover the relationship between humans and nature while learning Chinese language, geography, history, and culture through hands-on activities, art projects, science experiments, Read More

During the regular school year, we offer the following two different trajectories to students from different backgrounds and with different objectives :

1. Chinese as the Second Language (CSL)
This curriculum is designed for students with little or no Chinese language environment at home. The classroom will use immersive and interactive approaches to teach the theme-based curriculum. Beginning level students will learn the Chinese phonics system (pinyin and tones), character formation, grammar, and sentence structure. More advanced students will learn to speak, read, and write about everyday subjects that they encounter in real life.

2.  Chinese as the Heritage Language (CHL)
This curriculum is best for students who already understand and speak Chinese at home and have a language environment at home. Students will learn to read and write common Chinese characters used in daily life. Using MaLiping Chinese (马力平中文) as the primary textbook, students are expected to know 1,500 characters by 4th grade. Students are exposed to nearly 3,000 characters by the end of 10th-grade. The content learned in the classroom is reinforced at home with 30 to 40 minutes of homework every day, four days a week.

Class Schedule