Week of 09 / 16

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Week of 09 / 16

• Mandarin Program Trial Lesson Sign-up
• Register for Fall Semester (starts on 9/21)
• Open House Recap

Our Mandarin Chinese Program is stalling on September 21st. How exciting! We offer grade one Ma UPing Chinese trial lessons or those who hasn’t decided re join us. You can choose either 9/21, 9/28, or 10/5 to get a taste of what our classes are like. (upper-west site)

About the teacher

A little information about Ms. Zhang, our head teacher of the Upper-West Side location.
• Has over 30 years of teaching experience
• Was a Mandarin teacher in China
• Received Bachelors and Masters degrees in education in the US
• Taught years of bilingual program in both public and private schools
Sign- for trial class


There is still time to register for our Fall Semester Classes

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