The popular public speaking and debate program will run both virtually and in-person during the summer.

Half-Day Online Camp

Public Speaking  July 6-9 (Grade 3-5), August 2-6(Grade 5-6), August 9-13(Grade 5-6)

Debate  July 12-16 (Grade 3-5)

Storytelling & Story Acting (Grade 3-5) July 19-23 and August 2-6

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 Full-Day Camp

Students will learn and sharpen their debate and public speaking skills through a combination of block instructions, group discussions, drills and educational games that stimulate communication and critical thinking.

Full Day In-Person Debate Camp

For students age 10 to 14 at all levels.

August 23-27. August 30- September 3  9:30 am – 3:30 pm

Full Day In-Person Public Speaking Camp

For students age 9 to 13 at all levels.

August 16-20  9:30 am – 3:00 pm

JV Debate Camp – Online (Grade 6-8)

For current LeapUp Learning students or students who have at least one year of debate experience.

  • Session 1 – June 28-July 2

  • Session 2 July 26-30

  • Session 3 August 2- 6

10 am- 3 pm EDT(45 minutes lunch break)

Rookie Debate Camp – Online (Grade 6-8)

For students with less than one year of debate experience

  • Session 1 –  July 12-16

  • Session 2 – July 19-23

  • Session 3 – Aug 9-13 

10 am- 3 pm EDT(45 minutes lunch break)

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Summer Online Class Grade 7-9


Extemporaneous(Extemp) Debate June 21 – July 9

7-9pm EDT Three times a week for three weeks on Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Humorous Speech July 12 – July 30

4-6pm EDT Three times a week for three weeks on Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Original Oratory August 2 – August 20

4-6pm EDT Three times a week for three weeks on Monday, Wednesday & Friday

 Public Forum (Beginner)  June 22 – July 22

Public Forum (Advanced) July 27 – August 27

Twice a week for five weeks on Tuesday and Thursday

Class A 4-6pm, Class B 7-9pm EDT

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Public Speaking
Learning to debate and public speak reaps lifelong benefits. ​This course will give students the ability to be confident and comfortable when giving presentations, raising their hand in class, or even just casually conversating. Students will learn to know their audience, will study great speeches throughout history, and will learn to write speeches, manage anxieties, and deliver opinions and arguments in a calm and convincing way. Spring Schedule

Learning to see both sides of an issue and being able to make an argument that convinces an undecided person of your opinion is one of the most valuable skills a student can have. The ability to write, research, and speak using evidence and sound logic will help students write papers, give presentations, and will be the foundational skill they will build on for years to come. Spring Schedule

Acting and Theater Writing

This class is for students who want to improve their speaking and acting skills to deliver stronger presentations, talks, speeches, interviews and auditions. Students will learn Scene Writing,  Monologue Writing. They will cast and practice their own scene. Spring Schedule